To commission something unique that will last for generations and to stamp your personality on it, when so much is mass-produced and bland, is hugely rewarding. 

Whether it is as simple as a tweak to one of our existing rings or setting a sapphire in a ring instead of a diamond, melting down gold that you have to make a solid bangle or letting your imagination run wild and creating a truly unique piece, we love to help.

The bespoke design service we offer usually begins with a relaxed face to face meeting at the shop where you can discuss the ideas inspiring your commission. The knowledge we have gained from making jewellery, as well as designing it, is invaluable to guiding you through this process. Using pieces within Brooklinde’s collections to get a feel for the style of jewellery you favour and invariably sketching designs in front of you, your piece will start to take form. 

We regularly start a commission using one of the loose gemstones that we display in our window, or by calling in a choice of diamonds or gemstones for you to handpick from. All of our diamonds are conflict free. Having an idea of your budget beforehand can be beneficial so that designs can be tailored accordingly and once everything is agreed the creating can begin. We do not charge for the estimate.

Below is a snapshot of some of our previous commissions.